Rebalancing Engine

Align portfolios to client requirement

Rebalancing portfolios to align with the investment views embedded in model portfolios at scale.

A core portfolio management capability

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Business scalability

  • Automated alignment to investment models whilst taking client level constraints into account

Order generation

  • Proposal generated with bespoke rebalancing engine
  • Order management and trade execution supported at the client and block level
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Self-care onboarding journey

  • Fully industrialized rebalancing / proposal generation process
  • Provide new services to your clients

Unlock Empowering Features

Capabilities that drive the rebalancing engine

Keeping Your Portfolio on Track

The system calculates weight deviations between client and model portfolios. Rebalancing can be done automatically or manually

Customizable Rebalancing triggers

Rebalancing triggers can be deviations at position level, asset class level or any other aggregate (sector, geo…)

Flexible Constraint Management

Manage linear constraints such as “do not sell, do not buy” but without ensuring SAA as defined in the model portfolio. Manual action by the banker is required

Rebalancing with Embedded Characteristics

Characteristics of a rebalancing (minimum trade amount, etc…) are embedded within the algorithm avoiding any unnecessary validation

Customizable Rebalancing algorithm

Rebalancing algorithm can be customized (ex: HVB Premium Invest, take local specificities)

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