ALTO Sustainability

Invest with purpose and impact

Our cloud-based solution provides a single point of access for all sustainable data, transforming market analytics into unique ESG datasets.


ESG experts dedicated to client solutions


Providers for ESG, climate, regulatory and other extra-financial datasets


Global Data Management experts available globally

Green Leaf
Green Leaf

Conquer ESG Data Management Challenges

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Market data management

Higher opportunity costs through lost competitiveness in data

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Data sourcing and transformation

Higher development cost, time-to-market and operational cost/risk

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ESG data coverage and methodology

Low ESG coverage Methodology induced risk

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Data governance

Operational and Business risk

ALTO Sustainability Selling Points
ALTO Sustainability Selling Points

Powerful tools to

Deliver tangible benefits for our clients

01 Custom Analytics

Ensure quality and consistency by integrating multiple data sources and crafting a scoring methodology tailored to your unique needs thanks to ALTO Sustainability.

02 ESG Data management

Manage effortlessly complex data with precision and scalability. Ensure data quality and consistency while seamlessly integrating growing volumes of data.

03 Metrics coverage

Reach the required issuer and instruments coverage for ESG and climate data.

04 ALTO ready

Integrate transparently ESG data into investment management, thanks to native ALTO Sustainability functionalities.

Market expectations
Market expectations

Combined ESG Solutions with ALTO Sustainability's Industry Expertise

ALTO Sustainability cube
ALTO Sustainability cube
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Deep ESG knowledge and know-how

55+ ESG Experts: Tailored Solutions for Financial Institutions and Responsible Investments

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Data management expertise

Connectivity to 20+ ESG data providers for climate, regulatory and SFDR datasets, etc. supported by our dedicated ESG data team with 120 global data management

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Impact measurement

Account for positive and negative effect of investments Raw impact metrics


Augmented with services

Connecting into our Asset Management business to provide ESG Advisory, ESG Services and ESG Investment Solutions

Designed for cross-functional teams

Portfolio Managers

Analyse, simulate and take investment decisions on portfolios

Compliance Officers

Define the right rules to detect a breach and act upon it

Reporting Officers

Produce fund factsheet and investment management reports for clients

ESG Analysts

Manage ESG data, build custom ratings and perform extra financial analysis: ESG pillars, exclusion list, climate, biodiversity and more

A suite of capabilities to cover your full functional requirements

01 ESG Performance

- ESG scoring

- Bespoke ESG indicators

- Raw ESG metrics

02 Regulatory Standards


- EU taxonomy

- Raw regulatory metrics

03 Climate Reporting

- Temperature analysis and trajectory of portfolio

- Stress testing

- Net zero framework

- Raw climate metrics

04 Managed Data Service

- Access to data provider selection pool Integration of Provider Data

- Daily operational data onboarding

- Data Validation

End-to-end capabilities
End-to-end capabilities

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ALTO Investment

Manage all assets in a global end-to-end platform
Best-of-breed technology that fits your business requirements, with rich functional coverage
cross the investment management value chain and deep industry expertise.

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Order Management
  • ESG Metrics
  • Risk & Performance
  • Dealing
  • Pre and Post Trade Compliance Checks
  • Client Reporting

ALTO Wealth and Distribution

Wealth management enabled in a single platform
A scalable end-to-end solution with comprehensive capabilities to suit
retail banking and wealth management firms.

  • Model / Target Creation
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Advisory Proposals
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Risk & Performance
  • Client constraints / preference management
  • Pre and Post Trade Compliance Checks
  • Client Level Allocation

ALTO Sustainability

Invest with purpose and impact
Our cloud-based solution provides a single point of access for all sustainable data,
transforming market analytics into unique ESG datasets.

  • ESG Scoring
  • Bespoke ESG Indicators
  • ESG Metrics
  • Biodiversity Metrics
  • Climate Reporting
  • Impact Measurement
  • Managed Data Service
  • Regulatory Standards (SFDR, Taxonomy...)

ALTO Asset Servicing

A service providing cutting-edge capabilities
A solution supporting the business of Asset Servicers covering
Investment Compliance Oversight, Portfolio Analysis and Reporting.

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Regulatory and Statutory Rule Design
  • Breach management workflow
  • Monitoring and Controlling breaches
  • Client Reporting
  • Multiple Data Source Integration

ALTO Employee Savings and Retirement

Manage savings and retirement schemes in a single platform

  • Subscription and Redemtion
  • Collective & Individual Operations
  • Client Onboarding
  • Arbitrages & Transfers
  • Order Booking
  • Documents Publishing
  • Regulatory & Fiscal Reporting
  • Multi-products and Tax Wrappers