Portfolio Management System

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Use wide range of analytics to monitor and analyse portfolio holdings, simulate allocation change and visualise their impacts, and define your aggregated views to export.

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Portfolio Analysis

  • Provide a multi-portfolios analysis and various characteristics and analytics
  • Analyze portfolios with full look-through features and compare with different references

Portfolio Modeling

  • Perform simulations and visualize the impact of simulations on portfolio exposures
  • Rebalance portfolios against a reference
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Order & Control generation

  • Run pre-trade compliance checks with validation workflows
  • Create orders and define order characteristics and send orders to dealing desks
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Cash Management

  • Monitor on real-time portfolio cash balance
  • Visualize a projection of the cash balance

Unlock Empowering Features

A secure and evolving tool tailored to your needs

100% cloud solution

Cloud technology solution with no need for infrastructure update and best practice security standard

Industrial, flexible and modular

High value proposition based on Amundi’s industrial model and technological know-how to help clients reducing IT cost

Agile, driven by experience

Flexible with a highly customizable interface and 50+ ready to use configurations

Open source and architecture

Open architecture platform offering APIs for third party niche software integration (e.g. risk, performance) and client data servicing

Fast and low risk implementation

Proven implementation model supporting easy adoption and integration of user experience

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