Supporting client engagement and investment management at scale

With ALTO Wealth & Distribution rebalancing engine and self-care digital journeys, we provide a self-care onboarding journey and a fully industrialized rebalancing / proposal generation process.

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Mandates and 350K+ portfolios daily managed, rebalanced


Managed on ALTO Wealth & Distribution


Advisors and private bankers




Why companies choose ALTO

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Highly Flexible

Flexible, cross-asset, and easy-to-use solution smoothly integrable with complex systems and processes

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Single Platform

Unique solution facilitating the use of a platform for the banker, the management, the middle office and compliance


Business scalability

Proprietary portfolio rebalancing/optimization engine enables automated alignment to investment models whilst taking client level constraints into account


Efficient Operating Platform

Trade execution and order management supported at client and block level, with direct connection to core banking platforms for frictionless operations at scale

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Modern technology capabilities

Delivers data driven investment targets and model portfolios


Greater data connectivity

Integration and data access challenges stem from incompatible data languages across systems

End-to-End capabilities

Supporting client engagement and investment management at scale

01 Digital services and Reporting

Provides a 360° view of your clients wealth

- Self-care onboarding : KYC and MiFID risk profiling, saving plan building, investment goals simulation

- Automated and guided investment proposals building within investment wrappers

- Online proposal reception / acceptance and e-signature

- Investment goals follow-up, and investment reporting via client portal

02 Wealth Management

Offers capabilities to support the entire wealth management cycle

- Model/Target Creation

- Portfolio Optimization and Rebalancing

- Advisory Proposals

- Client constraint / preference management

- Trade Execution and Compliance pre and post-trade

03 Campaign management

Support bankers in their client engagement to enhance storytelling and aid client retention

- Portfolios perimeter analysis

- Campaign management: building (target, actions), monitoring

- Event driven investment proposal engine

End-to-end capabilities
End-to-end capabilities

Designed for cross-functional teams


Deliver data driven investment targets and model portfolios

Private bankers

Analyze, simulate and take investment decisions on portfolios

Wealth Advisors

Simulate, create and monitor investment proposals based on constraints and preferences

Bank central teams (Marketing, Product, Distribution…)

Support bankers in their client engagement to enhance storytelling and highlight opportunities to their clients

Middle Officers

Monitor and validate financial positions and flows with all intermediaries

Risk officers

Analyze and produce risk metrics, factors, and performance analytics

Experience a frictionless integration journey

Supported by our hands-on parallel-run method, built on years of success.

01 Unify Data

ALTO platform uses of the same data in all modules all along the process ensuring full data consistency without internal reconciliation, across all data Portfolio - Front to Middle to Risk – and / or Entity for local tools integration purpose.

02 Streamlined Parallel Run Approach

An early parallel run approach, enables users adoption for optimal change management and anticipates data migration tasks. The result is vastly improved data quality at D-Day.

03 Shared Governance for Project Success

The best indicator of our confidence in ourselves and in you as our client is our fixed price commitment, following a scope-of-work phase.
The project is a partnership: the consequences of any major slippage are managed jointly to limit operational or business impacts on the client side.
On our side, we take the actions necessary to realign the project with the initial timeline, hence we stick to a fixed-price approach.

04 End-to-end client-centric support

Active participation of stakeholders from across the client’s organization, both on the project side and business side, is a key success factor. The client project team is expected to support business stakeholders in their project duties, playing an active role in resolving issues and co-managing the project.


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