Portfolio Optimisation

Building personalized investment portfolios

Proprietary portfolio optimization engine enables automated alignment to investment models whilst taking client level constraints into account.

Portfolio Optimization to suit your clients’ need


Ensuring Compliance

  • Build portfolios following regulatory, contractual or client related constraints
  • Alerts when constraints are breached

Efficiently manage portfolios for unique tailored allocations

  • Align with the investment objectives of the client
  • Align with the macro investment views of the organization and investment constraints
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Business scalability

  • No linear cost growth
  • Portfolio managers can prioritize client service and/or increase client support capacity
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Optimise your tech stack

  • Benefit from scalable, flexible and industrial tools to support portfolio management, compliance risk, client reporting and data management
  • Build and manage standard and bespoke sustainability methodologies

Unlock Empowering Features

Capabilities that drive the portfolio optimizer engine

Allocation strategies

The client allocation is either managed via a model portfolio or a benchmark

Customized constraints

On top of the SAA, users can define linear and nonlinear constraints

Optimizing investments

The optimizer takes into account investment universe as well as campaign if the client is targeted by a given campaign

Tailor-made allocation

The portfolio optimizer takes all the parameters defined above to build a tailor made allocation while taking into account an optimization axis

Customizable Portfolio Optimization

Same as the rebalancing algorithm, the portfolio optimizer can be customized to meet client requirement if not available in the standard package

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