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ALTO* Investment

ALTO* Investment is one of the ALTO* platforms by Amundi Technology, a suite of 100% cloud based solutions supporting buy-side advanced needs. ALTO* Investment, the Portfolio Management System, is a flexible tool covering the entire Asset Management value chain for Asset Managers and Asset Owners.

Portfolio Management System

ALTO* Investment is a Portfolio Management System (PMS) covering the entire asset management value chain for a large number of investment strategies and providing a 360° portfolio analysis for all asset classes. ALTO* offers a cross-asset and integrated Front-to-Back solution, covering the entire investment management life cycle including ESG analytics, portfolio analysis and simulation, order booking and execution, compliance, position keeping, performance and reporting. ALTO* profits from strong R&D investments with continuous updates and innovations, using cutting-edge technologies: machine learning, AI, optimization, end-user programming, etc.a

Highly customisable platform

ALTO* Investment is highly customisable to management strategies and can be programmed directly by the portfolio managers and analysts. The platform is very flexible at every user fingertips with a highly customisable user interface and 50+ ready to use ALTO* configurations for equity, fixed income, multi-asset and more.  The ALTO* Platform has the ability to onboard proprietary client data such as analytics, breakdowns and classifications. ALTO* is also connected to a wide ecosystem: 150 market data sources, 70+ custodians, 60+ fund admin, 250+ execution counterparties including trading platforms, etc.

Multi-asset class platform covering the full value chain

Alto Investment Functionalities
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