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Our Innovation Lab

The main missions of the Innovation Lab of Amundi Technology are to acculturate, share its expertise, create value-added solutions on the ALTO* platform, and act as a relay for innovation support to the various Amundi businesses and teams.

Spearhead of innovation at Amundi Technology

Amundi Technology launched in 2020 the Innovation Lab to tackle industry challenges such as technological disruption and climate change, and promote innovation. The team is composed of cross-functional experts among which data scientists, UX and UI designers, portfolio managers, developers, and tech experts with one single mindset: “Innovation is not a process, it is a spirit”.

The Innovation Lab by Amundi Technology is designed to accelerate innovation projects, support clients' businesses, support smoothly new technologies adoption, but also leverage the inclusion of third-party fintech and innovation. Innovation is in Amundi's DNA to promote innovation as a key differentiator in serving all our clients including portfolio managers, analysts, operation teams and traders.

Innovation organizational model

The Innovation Lab is composed of three main components:

  • A Build unit designed to help develop internal projects within the group as well as external clients;
  • A Prospecting division to examine future industry trends and propose new products and services;
  • An Incubation arm to help ALTO* users develop their own idea, as citizen developers, meaning coding and software development skills.
Innovation lab