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Operational Services

Flexible and integrated Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services augmented by Amundi's experience and know-how


ALTO* Dashboard Dealing, offered on top of Dealing services, is a new Amundi Technology tool covering the full digital journey to access execution, orders, and trades analytics. The primary purpose of the module is to provide clients with a digital journey and enable full autonomy to access their dealing dashboards and analytics.

Middle Office

Amundi Technology offers middle office solutions for post trade and position keeping. With an international coverage in Europe, US, and Asia to support business and dealing for cash controls, positions reconciliations, NAV reconciliation, and residual cash balance management. 

Data management

Data management services ensure the proper implementation of the client's data and products. The data management teams operates on ALTO* data management modules to integrate the data relating to clients requirements and ensure data quality for all metrics: portfolios, market data, benchmark, ESG and corporate actions. An efficient and industrialized data quality process internally in connection with all data providers for any data management issues or discrepancies in real time.