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Onboarding project

Amundi Technology has built a unique implementation process with a parallel-run approach that starts as soon as your onboarding project kicks off.

Pioneer Investments use case

We have gained a unique expertise in installing our software and migrating entities in a very effective way. The migration of Pioneer Investments on ALTO* Investment, from a market-leading software, in less than 2 years, has proved both the solidity and business coverage of ALTO*, but also the agility it provides. The successful completion of this project resulted in the migration onto ALTO* of all Pioneer assets, 8 country migrations and 800 Funds migrated.

ALTO* platforms deployment project approach

We take a pragmatic approach to onboarding that rests on true mutual commitment and teamwork between the client and Amundi Technology. At the heart of our method is a parallel-run system that is based on end-of-day position snapshots and starts at the project’s inception. 

Alto Features

Project macro phases

ALTO* platform: processing the same data across all modules

The project approach is oriented Portfolio - Front to Middle to Risk – and / or Entity for local tools integration purpose. One of the ALTO* platform strengths is the use of the same data in all modules all along the process: full data consistency and no internal reconciliation.


Project parallel run approach

Client oriented approach with early adoption by users thanks to parallel-run approach

Amundi’s unique early parallel run approach, enables early adoption for optimal change management and to anticipate data migration tasks. The result is vastly improved data quality at D-Day.


Project parallel run approach

Timing proposal as the result of gathered onboarding experiences

Our roll-out schedules are based on our experience, and take into consideration that internal entity integration and external client onboarding involve different calculations and constraints.

We are highly confident in our onboarding capabilities, processes & knowledge grounded in our expertise and enriched with experience.


Shared Gouvernance

Timeline guarantee is  the corollary of a fixed price approach

The best indicator of our confidence in ourselves and in you as our client is our fixed price commitment, following a scope-of-work phase. 

The project is a partnership: the consequences of any major slippage are managed jointly to limit operational or business impacts on the client side.

On our side, we take the actions necessary to realign the project with the initial timeline, hence we stick to a fixed-price approach.


Joint effort to succeed

Active contributions from client stakeholders build engagement

Active participation of stakeholders from across the client’s organization, both on the project side and business side, is a key success factor.

The client project team is expected to support business stakeholders in their project duties, playing an active role in resolving issues and co-managing the project.