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Institutional Investors

The insurance industry is increasingly changing, with new technologies, which on the one hand gives rise to new challenges.

Client expectations and key challenges

  • Efficient management of capital requirements and liabilities;
  • Precise monitoring of accounting and P&L information for different accounting frameworks;
  • Gain complete control of the investment cycle and risk exposures;
  • Support constantly evolving regulatory requirements;
  • Full transparency and extensive reporting capabilities;
  • Boost operational resilience to focus on growth;

Solution description

ALTO* Investment insurance solution is designed to help streamline the entire insurance investment process for various yield enhancement strategies. ALTO* Investment Insurance module supports multiple local and international accounting frameworks (IFRS 9, local GAAPS) and integrates accounting information into portfolio management to give you total control of accounting and P&L information. With broad support for all asset classes and account structures, and through a full suite of insurance analytics, ALTO* drives your performance and accelerates the implementation of your regulatory compliance and governance framework.

Key Features and functional coverage

  • Portfolio Management: Integrated portfolio & risk management, dedicated capabilities for ALM strategies;
  • Risk Analysis: stress tests and “what-if” analysis. Market Risk SCR calculations and accounting analytics. Insurance risk models and analytics integrated with back-office accounting systems;
  • Automated compliance with advanced rule coding capabilities;
  • Performance measurement and data: attributions, contributions;
  • Comprehensive ESG and sustainability data;
  • Advanced reporting capabilities.