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LONVIA Capital uses Amundi Technology products and services since 2020 and benefits from ALTO* Investment platform, Dealing and Middle Office services operated by Amundi.

What led you to the decision to choose an external solution provider?

When we started from scratch to recreate a new asset management entity, we met with main Portfolio Management System (PMS) providers in the market, driven by the desire to focus on our core expertise, but also to provide our investors with the best tools in the market. Particularly in terms of solidity, compliance, risk monitoring and day-to-day assistance. This was a challenge because until then we had only met asset managers who were disappointed with their PMS, and we needed a comprehensive tool to use on a daily basis.


Why did you choose Amundi Technology and ALTO*?

We were looking for a comprehensive solution that would allow us to offer our investors the best services in terms of robustness, compliance, risk monitoring, daily support and to benefit from variable operational and IT costs. We chose Amundi Technology for their deep industry experience, the completeness and the scalability of ALTO* Investment. We subscribed to the entire Amundi offering, from the portfolio management system to the outsourced trading desk, through the reporting, compliance, and risk monitoring modules and to the outsourcing of middle. In addition to the overall comprehensiveness of ALTO* Investment, we were seduced by its competitive advantages of user experience, ease of use and reassured by the fact that it was first and foremost made available to the teams of a major asset manager.

*Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations