Tamara Al Hawari, member of the Amundi Technology ALTO* Client Support team, shares with us her experience, journey, and daily work in this testimonial.


What do you do on a daily basis?

We don't have a typical day. 50% of my work consists of answering questions and requests from clients, either by email or by phone. It can be on one side day-to-day subjects for order execution and matching follow-up, operations issues and ALTO* requests or on other side problems involving an in-depth analysis and expertise. The rest of my work consists of managing client portfolios, organizing committees with dedicated KPIs, follow-up the relationship and planning projects. I therefore interact with all Amundi businesses: data management, trading desk, middle office, etc.


What do you like about Amundi Technology?

The cross-functionality from technology to businesses is what attracted me the most at Amundi Technology, thanks to the diversity of professions with steep interconnection. I have the opportunity to deal with interesting subjects, as portfolio management, dealing, middle office, and IT support, that I might probably not be able to handle elsewhere.

There s a lot of autonomy and a good cohesion within our team We all have the same state of mind as we highly value curiosity, autonomy and proactivity The Client support team also forms a cohesive and enthusiastic team in which everyone can count on each other.


*Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations