Over the last years Amundi Technology won the following awards: 


  • Prix de l'Innovation Digitale - 2021 - Option Finance Innovation - Les Trophées de l'Asset Management


Option Finance

The innovative project put forward by Amundi Technology for the 2021 Asset Management Awards of Option Finance, is the deployment of ESG solutions integrated to the ALTO* Investment platform, for Amundi's management and Amundi Technology's clients.

To learn more: https://www.amunditechnology.com/en/news/private/long-news-alto/amundi-technology-won-the-digital-innovation-award-at-the-trophees-de-lasset-management


  • Prix spécial du grand acteur de l'innovation - 2022 - AGEFI AM TECH DAY Awards




Innovation is at the center of the development of the ALTO* platform. Within Amundi Technology, the “Innovation Lab” based in Paris and Dublin, together with the portfolio management team in Dublin, has developed this “behavior Analysis Module”, which is integrated in the Portfolio Management System (PMS) ALTO* Investment.

To learn more:  https://www.amunditechnology.com/en/news/private/long-news-alto/amundi-technology-won-the-innovative-player-award-at-am-tech-day-2022


  • Best Integrated front-office platform award - 2022 - Waters Technology - Buy-Side Technology Awards
Buy-Side technology logo

"This win recognizes that ALTO* Investment is a world-class PMS and a robust, scalable, innovative, and secure solution. Beyond a leading edge technology, we offer a range of services, allowing our clients to benefit from a fully outsourced solution. This reward recognizes the strong involvement of 900 technology professionals in Paris, Dublin, and in our regional offices.” Joseph EL GHARIB, Head of Business Development, Amundi Technology. 

To learn more: https://www.waterstechnology.com/awards-rankings/7950259/bst-awards-2022-best-integrated-front-office-platform-amundi-technology