Elodie Laugel


For investment professionals, taking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into account represents a unique opportunity impact their investments.

Successfully decarbonising our economy requires a real industrial revolution that can only be achieved if the key players - governments, businesses and the wider financial system - are aligned. Governments must redefine public, industrial, and fiscal policies and coherent regulations, businesses must develop the necessary technological solutions, and the financial system must support companies by allocating the capital required to achieve these objectives. 


Bridging human expertise with technology developments

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment for responsible investment players, technology can be a strong ally for asset managers. It can help them to access, manage, and organize data to drive investment decisions, manage their portfolio and report on its impact.

In recent years, solutions have been developed to integrate ESG data and policies into asset managers’ Portfolio Management Systems (PMS) which enable data to flow throughout the entire value chain, ultimately allowing portfolio managers to assess the ESG criteria quality of their investments.

Particularly important in this regard are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Their benefits include: ALTO* Sustainability Bridging human expertise with technology developments

  • Providing textual analysis to measure companies’ ESG commitments and controversies.
  • Collecting satellite and sensor data to determine environmental impact and physical risk exposures on a wide geographical coverage.
  • Bridging the gaps in corporate disclosures, especially in a company’s Scope 3 emissions reporting


 Empower responsible investment with ALTO* Sustainability

Amundi Technology through ALTO* Sustainability is powering sustainable and responsible investing, enabling institutional investors, asset and wealth managers to access efficient ESG data and tools to align investment decisions with their ESG and climate goals. The solution is centralizing all sustainable data into the core investment data set and across the integrated front-to-back workflow for portfolio managers, analysts and operations by disseminating sustainable data into the entire ALTO* platform for ESG data visualization, portfolio analysis, investment compliance control, and reporting production.

  • Benefit from Amundi’s data governance through quality control and oversight from data providers;
  • Manage the diversity of data: ESG ratings, temperature, and carbon emission at the issuer and portfolio level with historical analysis;
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to strengthen the analysis of major trends and markets;
  • Monitor PAI and Taxonomy indicators for SFDR requirements;
  • Create a ‘‘Net Zero’’ framework; • Stress test portfolios with climate data;
  • Produce reporting for internal, clients, factsheets, and regulatory requirements.


*Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations