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ALTO* Wealth & Distribution

ALTO* Wealth & Distribution is one of the ALTO* platforms by Amundi Technology, a suite of 100% cloud based solutions supporting buy-side advanced needs. The core-to-digital platform for Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advisory solutions is designed for retail banks, private banks, wealth managers, multi-family offices, and investment advisors.

Modular cloud based platform for wealth, private banking and financial advisors

ALTO* Wealth & Distribution is a digital native and cloud based solution for managing the entire lifecycle of a client mandate. The offer covers the full client digital experience from the onboarding to digital reporting. The end client can manage thanks to our digital capabilities the lifecycle of their investments. For bankers, the platform offers capabilities for managing large volumes of discretionary portfolio mandates in a semi or fully automated way. For high end end-customers, the platform empowers bankers with advanced risks and analytics enabling them to run advanced portfolio analysis and investment proposal generation. Based on WeSave and Savity FinTechs, the solution includes Robo-Advisor functionalities enabling client to manage portfolio independently and offering aggregation with investment accounts breakdown. The robo-advisory solutions enable banks to target untapped revenue sources by targeting the lower end of their customer base from an asset point of view. 

Turnkey solution with deep wealth management expertise

ALTO* Wealth & Distribution covers a wide range of investments (mutual funds, ETFs ...) and all asset classes (equities, bonds, structured products...). The solution supports all types of accounts including, non exhaustively, securities accounts, life insurance, and equity savings plans. The platform enables high-volume management of client, portfolio, position and performance data, while being connected to the bank’s information system, account holders, custodians, insurers and other partners. This offer also draws on the know-how of Retail solutions for the business line and digital expertise of WeSave and Amundi Suite.

Last, the solution offers banks the agility to launch new differentiated offerings such as multi-bucket allocation, ESG flavored allocation.

Core-to-Digital platform covering the whole value chain

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