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ALTO* Employee Savings and Retirement

ALTO* Employee Savings & Retirement is one of the ALTO* platforms by Amundi Technology, a suite of 100% cloud based solutions supporting buy-side advanced needs. The consolidated management platform is dedicated to savings and retirement schemes for Distributors and Asset Owners.

Unique solution covering the whole chain from front to back office

ALTO* ESR is a solution specially developed to manage all group retirement products supporting millions of customers in a multi-insurers and multi-accounts keeping framework.. By automating and securing the administrative and accounting tasks, the solution allows the client to devote more time to the customer relationship and to the duty of advice.

ALTO* ESR covers the whole chain from front to back office:

  • Digitization of the client's path through different portals and a mobile application
  • Industrialization and securitization of the entire management cycle up to order processing and accounting
  • Coverage of a wide range of Group Savings products, in compliance with the Pact law, as well as with older products
  • Cloud-based, secure and regulated platform according to leading financial standards
  • Operational and technological flexibility to integrate our clients' information systems

Modular integration with the clients’ information systems

High-value-added business services are associated with the platform and delivered by a specialized team, 100% in France. Clients benefit from personalized customer relationship management with all communications (letters, emails, text, portals, mobile applications) are set out in the client’s charter, possibility to operate as a white label, and telephone platform 7/7 24/24.

Clients also benefit from record keeping, accounting and finance support, and complete management of the order placement workflow Management of all inbound and outbound desktop publishing, electronic document management

Front-to-back platform to manage employee savings and retirement

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