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About Amundi Technology

Amundi Technology offers innovative technology and services to support clients reshaping their operating model. The solutions proposed aim to meet the needs of the asset management and savings industries. The ALTO* technology platforms provide clients with adaptive and cutting-edge solutions enabling them to focus on their core business.

Amundi Technology brief

Since the creation of Amundi and thanks to a successful development track record based on successive acquisitions and integrations, Amundi implemented a unique technology strategy to develop internally, investment and distribution platforms, and offer them to the investment industry. These platforms are called ALTO* and cover all major investment strategies, asset classes, and the entire front-to-back value chain driven by strong continuous investment

In 2021, Amundi Technology has been created to accelerate the design, development, promotion and commercialization of these platforms. Amundi Technology is based on an outstanding and agile organization with talents and worldwide capabilities thanks to 900 IT experts close to business teams and clients.

100% cloud based and open-source enhancing clients' user experience

The newest trends of the asset management industry imply a strong capacity to scale technical infrastructures and the need to build an open architecture while controlling costs. To manage these challenges, Amundi Technology developed a private cloud able to welcome all applicative platforms including ALTO*, enhancing security and performance, while facilitating the access to its services for clients and partners. The cloud solutions enhanced with API connectivity enables scalability, flexibility, and security to support customers in their day to day activity and growth objectives.

Amundi Technology designs its development internally thanks to recognized and widely adopted open-source technologies, while being involved in communities for continuous enhancement. Furthermore, Amundi Technology offers freely its financial data model through “Open Asset Management Language” to strengthen communication with asset management ecosystems and players. Thanks to its technological transparency and as an independent software developer, Amundi Technology is able to provide a state of the art platform that relies on open-source solutions to access the latest innovations.

Worldwide connectivity, capabilities and ecosystem

WolrdWide Connectivity

Secured, segregated and regulated solutions

Amundi Technology ALTO* platforms and services are secured, regulated and audited to ensure best-in-class solutions to all clients. The risk awareness among users, the organization we have created and the permanent control systems we have deployed, collectively guarantee the continuous improvement of our security posture. By joining Amundi Technology, clients benefit from one of the highest level of security in the asset management industry. Amundi is aligned with world leading standards like ISO/IEC 2700x, NIST and OWASP.


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